What if you could utilise your existing ERP to capture all the environmental data that you want to report against?Environmental Accounting and Reporting

Oracle’s Environmental Accounting and Reporting module for E-Business Suite (R12) allows you to do exactly that. Then by using Business Intelligence tools you can produce meaningful reports for internal or external reporting and compliance purposes in just seconds!

Oracle's Environmental Accounting and Reporting enables you to:

  • Track energy consumption, from corporate down to individual asset level, as well as associated energy costs.
  • Improve transparency and global environmental reporting compliance.
  • Reduce the time it takes to produce internal & external reports, as well as provide significant reductions in the costs associated with environmental data audits.
  • Track corporate environmental performance against targets for energy consumption and emissions reduction.

Learn more about how Oracle’s Environmental Accounting & Reporting module can help you manage your liabilities under the NGER scheme.