Safeguard Mechanism - What You Need to…

Matt Drum

Safeguard Mechanism - What You Need to Know

  The safeguard mechanism starts this year, and is designed to stop greenhouse gas emissions increasing above 'business as usual' for facilities with high direct emissions. If you’re wondering exactly what this means for your business, you’re not alone. That is why...

18 January 2016

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Date released for third ERF Auction -…

Amy Quinton

Date released for third ERF Auction - 27-28 April 2016

Clean Energy Regulator Chair, Chloe Munro, has announced that the third ERF Auction will be held on 27-28 April 2016. The announcement comes one month after the second  ERF Auction, where 45.5 million tonnes of abatement was contracted at an...

7 December 2015

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New Funding Opportunities for Gas Efficiency

Hannah Meade

The NSW Office of Environment and Heritage (OEH) is offering grant funding to implement gas efficiency projects for businesses using more than 1000GJ (about $30,000) of gas per year. Funding is offered in two stages: Stage 1: installation of gas measurement...

24 November 2015

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(Draft) Safeguard Mechanism details released

Hannah Meade

The anxiously awaited details of the “stick” component of the Federal Governments Direct Action Plan were released yesterday for public consultation, including the Rule, Regulation, Audit Determination and associated explanatory statements. The Safeguard Mechanism, due to come into play from 1...

3 September 2015

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